Monday, February 28, 2011

The Major Players

So if you're going to be reading my blog, I figure you need a little introduction to my life. These are the major players...

This is Mic, my husband. We've been married since August 2010 and dating since summer 2006. He is my very best friend, so you'll be hearing a lot about him.

This is my family. My middle sister Cait, my Dad (otherwise known as Papa Mills), Me, Mic, my Mom (Mama Mills), and my youngest sister Albie. We are also very close to my husband's family, but they'll make their blog debut a little later.

These are my best friends from college. Melissa, Blake, Me, Kerry. We are proud Florida State Seminoes. We are scattered all across the country but we've gotten pretty good at keeping in touch and visiting! Sorry for the multiple pics from our wedding day, they are the most recent and best quality pictures I have on my computer at the moment.

This is me (with dark hair now) and one of my best friends in GR, Katie. She and I had a rocky start to our friendship back in high school, but that is ancient history. We've grown really close in the last couple years, and I cannot imagine GR without her.

This is Mic, Me, Brooke, one of my best friends from law school, and Joel, Mic's cousin and Brooke's boyfriend.

This is Grand Rapids, MI. I've lived here for most of my life, minus a few years that my family spent in Memphis, TN when I was pre-teen and the four years I spent in Florida at FSU. I've recently fallen in love with our city. It is a vibrant place with new restaurants, shops, fun events, etc. popping up all over the place.

This is Cooley Law School's Grand Rapids campus. Yep, in case you missed it above in the Brooke and Joel pic, I'm in law school. I should graduate sometime in the next two years depending on my work schedule, internships, externships, etc. I also have a job at a local Credit Union in the Member Services Department.

This is our kitten, Socks. She is not really a kitten anymore, but we still call her our kitten. Her real name is Socket Wrench, but she goes by Socks. My husband and his brother have named their cats after wrenches - the other family cats are named Crescent and Torque. My BFFs have made me promise that when we have kids, we will not name them after any sort of tool. I promise!

Home Sweet Home - our little bungalow. We bought our house in June 2009. This pic is from before we owned it, so please excuse the hideous pink awnings and peach trim. Those have been changed. We are working on the landscaping this summer, so stay tuned.

Did you catch all that? I promise there will not be a test later, but at least you will now have an idea of who and what I am talking about.


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