Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Salt Lake City...Finally.

We have been back from Utah for two weeks now and I still have not told you about our trip. It was awesome!

We went with Mic's family - his parents, his two brothers and their wives. From the left, Eric (oldest brother) and Mary, Mama and Papa S, Mic (baby brother) and me, Tony (middle brother) and Kellie

We all stayed in the same condo and the view was amazing. When we walked outside, we could see snow covered mountains on either side of us. It was a completely new experience for me!

My sister-in-law Kellie and I flew in to Salt Lake City together on Thursday night (everyone else arrived before us on Tuesday). We woke up very early to ski on Friday. In Salt Lake City, there was no snow at all and it was actually pretty warm, but as we drove into the mountains, there was plenty of snow. We went to the Canyons to ski on our first day. This place is huge! Our view from the parking lot looked like this.

It was pretty and made me excited and want to cry at the same time. I should take this opportunity to tell you about my skiing ability. Actually it is more of a lack of skiing ability. Mic is a great skier, like he does crazy tricks, likes to ski switch (backwards), prefers to make his own trail through the trees, and likes to ski off cliffs.

I belong on the bunny slopes with the 3-year-olds. And I prefer sitting in these and watching.

I really love watching Mic ski. He is so good, and it is really fun for me to watch him doing something that he loves so much.

Our day at the Canyons was so sunny and beautiful! After skiing we went to the best Mexican restaurant I have ever been to! It is the Red Iguana and if you are ever in Salt Lake City, you MUST go there! Get whatever the special is that day or something with mole sauce. I think they had seven different mole sauce and they let you sample them all! We spent the next day at Antelope Island which is literally in Salt Lake. The actual lake, not the city.

We hiked up to the top of one part of the island.

And climbed on some rocks.

And took some pics.

And some more pics.

And some more pics. This one involved the camera timer, a precarious camera balancing act, and some very quick climbing on my part. 

The other resort that we went to was Snowbasin. This is where the downhill skiing was held when the Olympics were in SLC! It was really nice! It snowed the entire time we were there. Skiing in this kind of powder was a completely new experience for me! And I loved every minute! There is actually a very large mountain behind the lodge, but you can't see much of it because of the SNOW!

The ski lodges there definitely have better food than we have at ski places in Michigan. It was like a very upscale cafe.

Mic and I after our day of skiing - we were soaked from the snow!

After this, we went to a local brewery called Squatters.

I had the most amazing Ahi Tuna Tacos! They were delish!

So that was our Utah trip! We are looking forward to skiing out west again sometime soon (after skiing there, I basically never want to ski in Michigan again), although I have been promised that our next vacay will be tropical! YAY!


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