Sunday, September 25, 2011

Current Events

So Melissa and Kerry sent this to me on Thursday night, I'm just posting it now. Hopefully it is still considered a "Current Events" post and not a "Past Events" post, but whatev. Sorry for my absence for the last 2 months! I cannot even believe it has been that long, I have lots of stuff to post, I just have not gotten around to it yet.

Dear loyal ‘Justalilbite’ readers,

Please accept this apology for our slacking off the past few weeks (or is it months?...frankly I’ve lost track) with our Current Event recaps. We’d like to say it was due to writers block and being creatively stifled, but really it just boils down to laziness. We’ve missed many important stories since our last post, such as: riots in Britain, typical unrest in the Middle East, numerous gaffes by Michele Bachmann and the 10th anniversary of 9/11. We take our positions very seriously and will try harder to be more consistent in the future.
The CE Girls

1.)     Troy Davis is executed in Georgia

M.Stine: Without spending too much time on personal feelings about the death penalty (I am for it), this case saddens me. Davis was executed yesterday for the 1989 murder of an off-duty police officer in Georgia, after years of delays. He had always maintained his innocence and no DNA, blood or murder weapon could tie him to the scene. His conviction was secured with the testimony of nine eyewitnesses…seven of whom have changed or recanted their statements entirely since the trial. To me, eyewitness testimony seems to be generally shaky at best and “The Innocence Project” says it is a leading factor in wrongful convictions. Maybe he isn’t innocent and will face whatever judgment there is in the afterlife, but given the lack of evidence it seems you cannot say for an absolute fact that he is guilty.

K.Mo: I’m still not entirely sure how I feel about the death penalty, but I do know how I feel about Troy Davis: there just wasn’t enough evidence to proceed with the death penalty. Sketchy eye witness testimony? Come on, that hardly seems fair. This has all the makings of a 20/20 episode about being wrongly convicted. But, who knows, maybe he was guilty. The point is we don’t really know.

2.)     Iranian hikers freed

M.Stine: Not to be the jerk, but maybe next time let’s avoid hiking anywhere in Iraq/Iran. While I’m very happy they are free & wish them all the best with their transition back to a normal life, you have to assume such risks (yep, even false imprisonment) when you travel to places such as the wartorn Middle East! And honestly Iran, the US would clearly not send California hippies in to spy on you.

K.Mo: If these idiot hikers were indeed American spies I am absolutely horrified about the people we have working for the CIA. Why on earth would you go hiking in that area? And let’s say you did want to hike in Iraq, wouldn’t you pay extra careful attention to the borders since it isn’t exactly the safest place in the world? Common sense, people! I can’t wait until they sell their story for book/movie deals and make more than me for being total fools.

3.)     Young boys in cage fighting

M.Stine: Nope, this doesn’t have “bad news bears” written all over it. Evidently the land of Cadbury chocolate and fish & chips is also home to young boys in cage fighting competitions. How precious! Even if they do enjoy these fighting/mixed martial arts competitions, I think it is a bad idea for young children who are still growing, physically and psychologically. Who can say they won’t be more inclined to get into physical fights as they grow up? How about something a little less violent, like croquet or t-ball?

K.Mo: I’m going to London next month and a kiddie cage fight is sadly not on my agenda. However, a ghost tour of the tower of London is! Can’t these kids just do karate or something? Do you think Will and Kate know about this?

4.)     US delegation walks out of Ahmadinejad’s UN speech

M.Stine: Well this is a shocking development. Every year when the lunatic Ahmadinejad gives his annual speech to the UN General Assembly, the US and essentially every other country walks out. Everyone knows he will eventually turn up the crazy and start spewing non-sensical nonsense, so why even stay in the room when he begins his speech? Out of respect or hope that this might be the year he acquires some sanity? I have always admired the mission of the United Nations, but this is a big charade.

K.Mo: This man is the definition of crazy! If he weren’t affecting the safety of millions of people I’d revel in his general kookiness, but “running” (come on, we all know he doesn’t actually have any real power) a country and being legit insane never seems to have a good outcome.

5.)     Man pulls shotgun after Taco Bell forgot his hot sauce

M.Stine: As an avid consumer of Taco Bell, I can understand that one might be upset upon discovering missing hot sauce (it’s just SO good!), but the threat of violence is not the answer! So let’s put those guns away and enjoy our Crunchwrap Supremes as is.

K.Mo: The Taco Bell near the house I grew up in consistently messed up every single order. You would order five hard tacos and you would end up with two Mexican pizzas, a nachos Bell Grande and a chalupa. It was actually obnoxious. And while I can admit to yelling some swear words in anger, I never felt the urge to whip out a weapon. What is wrong with people these days?


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